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Intro to Archetypes

Discover how these powerful human patterns can help you to evolve your life, your career, and your business in deeper and more meaningful ways.


Join us at CultureTalk for an online course, Intro to Archetypes

Archetypes are simple human patterns that exist in everyone and help us to uncover deeper understanding about ourselves and our experiences. These powerful human storylines help us to understand other people, our teams, and our organizations.

Archetypes can be applied to coaching, consulting, leadership, and development scenarios. They are one of the most effective and applicable frameworks to grow our potential as individuals and organizations.

Learn how Archetypes can help you gain direction with your life, your business, and your professional relationships

When you understand and work with Archetypes, you can:

Access and reflect on your innate strengths to positively impact your career, your business, and your life

Develop strategies for INCREASING your strongest and most positive personal attributes

Learn strategies for sharing these gifts with a sense of intention

Build a personal brand statement based on purpose and strengths

Create an inventory of shortcomings and identify areas where these have caused conflict internally—in relationships and at work

Develop strategies for LESSENING your ‘shadow sides’ and negative effects on others

Understand how your Archetypes are aligned with your sense of purpose 

In this brand new 7-module course — Intro to Archetypes — we give you the tools you need to learn exactly what Archetypes are, what your Archetypes are, and how to begin to use them for business, career, and beyond.

The Intro to Archetypes Course Includes

individual survey
Our full 72-question 'CultureTalk for Individuals' Assessment
$119 Value
  • Your score across all 12 Archetypes
  • An in-depth profile of your Primary Archetype, plus your Archetype in Relationship and your Archetype at Work
  • An Overview of your top Two Supporting Archetypes with a link to their full reports
  • An Overview of your Latent Archetype
$119 Value
Theresa thumbnail
Course videos with a deep dive on each of 12 Archetypes
$750 Value

We'll introduce you to each of the Archetypes looking at  strengths, shadows and examples of each pattern.

$750 Value
Archetypal Profile
$250 Value

We will walk you through a simple validation experience that allows you to identify your Core and Supporting Archetypes.

$250 Value

And you get access today for only $197.And you get access today for only $197.

So insightful! I absolutely loved it! I can see how to apply these Archetypes to my personal brand and the personal brand strategy work I do with my clients.

Diane Diaz, Founder & Brand Strategist, The Brand Teacher

The results were both accurate and inspiring! Whether you are taking the survey for personal or professional reasons, you’ll gain a new understanding of yourself and ideas about expanding your potential.

Jacqueline Judd, PhD, LCSW

CultureTalk was a game changer for me. It brought major insight into how I go about my life, personally and professionally. I realized that certain aspects I had always considered “good” were negatively affecting my life. My Archetypes helped me pinpoint exactly where I could create change in my life.

Nipper Sorensen, MBA, MA

A great leadership development tool! Beautiful interface and detailed report that profiles an individual’s strengths and ties them back to values. Also looks at areas where skills that are needed may be latent.

Angelo Fernandes, Organizational Leadership Development, FreeForm Consulting

Ready to learn exactly how Archetypes can help you make more conscious choices to strengthen relationships, avoid conflict, improve your business, and evolve your life in meaningful ways?

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