• Organizational 'culture' is not just a buzzword or passing trend.

But 'culture' is difficult to define and often misunderstood.

What is Organizational Culture?

Culture is strategy

Whether you are a management, HR, OD, M&A or brand consultant, you need an integrated approach that helps you uncover the multiple dimensions of organizational culture.

• Are your offerings in sync with the demands of new generations?
• Are you equipped to help clients respond to the transparency created by online reviews and social media?
Do you have a solution to measure culture and lead meaningful change?

Welcome to CultureTalk

The CultureTalk Survey System offers a simple, story-based framework for measuring organizational culture and translating it into a strategic asset that can be designed, shifted, operationalized and led.

Turn ‘culture’ into a strategic business lever that moves teams forward.

Our Certified Partners are pioneers, guiding organizations into the future of work and what’s possible when cultures, leaders, teams, and brands are aligned for extraordinary outcomes.

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A mind-shifting experience that's been a game changer for my business.

A Two-Survey System that Pulls the Pieces Together

An Organizational Culture Survey

Measure underlying beliefs and behaviors. Survey an entire team or a representative sample. Use demographic questions to customize your report, comparing groups of employees.

An Individual Personality Assessment

Measure personal values and perceptions. Everyone gets their own personal report; results are compiled for managers. Build awareness and enhance communication, collaboration, conflict resolution and growth.

A Human Framework

Both assessment tools present results through universal storylines that are easy-to-understand and evolve.

Archetypes operate on an unconscious level, impacting our motivations and behavior. These characters are rich and colorful, but also flawed and relatable.

CultureTalk is an engine of change; it gets everyone on the same page about where the business is going.

Bob Kelleher, The Employee Engagement Group

No other tool does what CultureTalk does. It can align what’s happening inside the organization with leadership’s goals for growth.

Cindy Atlee, The Storybranding Group

Individual assessments are missing the contextual piece. You get a lot of data, but how does it fit with the organization’s goals? That’s the gap that CultureTalk fills.

Peter Boucher, Former CHRO, First Data

I've loved every bit of the programme, especially the ability to speak with people from around the world and really get the flavour of 'culture' in the global sense.

Pria Sule, People Patterns

CultureTalk allows us to measure and name existing cultural patterns, detailing specific behaviors that are helpful or limiting.

Claudette Rowley, Cultural Brilliance

Curious how CultureTalk could expand your consulting practice?

If you are a Management, Brand, Culture, Human Resource, OD or Leadership Consultant – we'd love to talk to you about how CultureTalk can be integrated into your current offerings – and open up new opportunities.

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Culture is complex.

As a consultant, you have a unique perspective on a client’s challenges. You can see ‘nothing is going to change’ unless you address underlying beliefs and behaviors on all sides.

To build a culture that thrives, you need an integrated approach.

CultureTalk allows you to quickly:
• Understand your client’s strengths, opportunities, and where you can help them initiate a shift
• Provide in-depth insights to cultural patterns that are relatable and actionable; 
• Lead teams through a process that’s proven to evoke understanding.

Upcoming Certification Dates

Connect the Dots for your Clients

The CultureTalk System offers a practical process for addressing complex business challenges.

By highlighting strengths and uncovering gaps, a Baseline Culture Assessment becomes a powerful starting point for building strategies around potential mergers, leadership transitions, brand and reputation management. Paired with individual personality assessments, the system can be applied to help organizations recruit and onboard, develop leaders and strengthen team dynamics.

Upcoming Certification Dates

An International Partner Community

Management Consultants. M&A Experts. HR & OD Specialists. Brand Strategists. Recruiting Firms. Executive Coaches. Our partner community is integrating the system into their practices and taking the body of work to a whole new level.

Meet our Certified Partners

Thoughts on Partner Day, CultureTalk and Archetypes

A simple, effective framework for deep conversation and real change.

Merge cultures with impact.

Every time we acquired a new company, we learned that the traits, the personality – the very heart and soul of our company – is really living and breathing throughout our entire organization.


DSC | Allied PRA

Build enduring brands.

What I appreciated most was the internal reflection and how understanding our Archetypes guided the branding process. If you find the essence of your culture and work from that viewpoint, whatever you create will be authentic and stand the test of time.


Walking Mountains Science Center

Define and share strategy.

Building a cultural profile through Archetypes enabled us to get staff, board and members into the same conversation. Our strategy as a Chamber became crystalized through this work. We can now communicate who we are and what we do clearly, powerfully and with consistency.


Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce

Strengthen leaders.

We've integrated CultureTalk into our Leadership Training Program. Year-after-year participants learn so much about how to brand, lead and communicate with this simple, story-based framework.


Leadership Saratoga

Engage teams, enhance collaboration and resolve conflict

Is the CultureTalk Partner community ahead of the where businesses must go?

You bet they are. They are leading the way, building a tangible path for leaders and companies to follow as they move from ‘checking the box’ on culture to transforming businesses with awareness and intention.

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CultureTalk lets you to cut to the chase, crystalizing values in a way that more traditional methods cannot. It has tremendous potential for meaningful, actionable strategy, leadership, team building and coaching conversations.

DEB BEST, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Deb Best Practices

CultureTalk has helped us to define the commonalities of our three merged cultures in an objective way and given us a singular language to discuss our aspirations as we roll out our strategic plan.

Leila Kamal, EYP / Architects

Dense with information and processes. Fun and engagingly initiated. Beautifully and meaningfully prepared. Magically presented. ….

Elizabeth Brown, Certified Partner

You made such deep material easy-to-understand, apply and connect. I had no idea how many tools there would be for us to take into our own engagements.

Diane Diaz, The Brand Teacher

CultureTalk complements our work with other organizational models. It can be integrated into all of our programs and facilitations – from mission development, to merger integration, to our Leadership Academy and team development at all levels.

Caroline Fisher, Ph.D., Founder & Principal, Culture Solutions Group

Professionally Packaged & Practical

Leaders love the CultureTalk System for its immediate impact in uncovering behavior and its profound potential in operationalizing change. Employees embrace CultureTalk because it is enlightening on a personal level and enhances engagement across the organization.

You will love CultureTalk because we have built a ready-to-go library of tools to promote, sell, and deliver engagements using the surveys.

CultureTalk Certification

CultureTalk Certification will ground you in an Archetypal system that allows you to uncover the “unwritten rules of engagement” of an organization and the underlying passions of an individuals. You will be able to create clear action plans that support strategic initiatives and personal growth.

The 12-Archetype Framework is easy to learn and remember and powerful to teach and apply. Certification provides all the tools you’ll need. 

Your registration fee includes the training course and materials, marketing & sales support, and membership in the Partner Community. Single or three-payment-plans available

Purchase your seat

What you get

When you choose CultureTalk, you get much more than bragging rights. 
We understand that you’re building a profitable business. 

Registration: $1,425

To meet the moment, we are offering 50% off the regular price of $2,850. Single and 3-payment plans available.

• Program materials and session
• The CultureTalk for Individuals Survey
• 1-year Partner Community Membership

Partner Community Members Enjoy

• A listing in our Partner Directory
• Wholesale Pricing on Surveys
• Partner Portal with tools to sell & run engagements
• Monthly Partner Calls
• Marketing and sales support

Choose an In-Person Class

Come to an immersive, two-and-a-half day, hands-on workshop to learn and practice the system. Classroom experiences include lecture, personal reflections, small group work and team presentations. In-person classes are offered several times a year.




Or Join Us Online

• 8-weeks | 1.5 hours | ZOOM Video
• Classes are held once a week  for eight consecutive weeks.
• Session times vary for international timezones. 
• In addition to the 1.5-hour weekly calls, participants must complete homework assignments.



Working with Teens or Young Adults?

CultureTalk offers an Impact Award Scholarship to
In-Person Certification Classes.

If your work involves helping younger generations develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence and guiding them on a path to intentional choices about their lives and careers, you are eligible to apply for our Impact Award Scholarship.



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CultureTalk Survey System

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